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Akadia is from the south Louisiana area (New Orleans) and is composed of 5 well-rounded musicians who consider themselves brothers. Akadia brings a fresh new sound and one of the best stage-shows around.

Band Members
Keith Anselmo – Vocals
Guy (Bassbeast) Daigle – Bass
Nathan Laurent – Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Duke – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Jonny (Tunes) Laurent – Drums / Backing Vocals

Our Biography

“This commercial radio hit machine is powered by a quintet of pro seasoned guys who just don’t “believe in the music..but study the game as well!”

The fact that they say that “Rock is dead” is not the mindset for the Louisiana based commercial hard rock powerhouse known as “AKADIA”. Ranked and named as the #1 act on the Northshore in Louisiana on Reverbnation in 2016 thru 2018. “The energy and excitement of rock & roll is missing nowadays, and we need it now more than ever,” says bassist Guy Daigle. “Our goal is that we want to revitalize that entire genre and remind the world how rock & roll can be such a strong force in everyone’s lives.” Ultimately, AKADIA is creating new music that fuses the best intentions of commercial rock with a modern punch by planting their flag at the intersection of where Hinder meets Three Days Grace meets Seether.

The proof of Akadia pure rocking prowess can be found within the power grooves and commercial ear-candy sound off their new debut EP dropping late spring/early summer 2018. This ass-kicking affair from the Akadia guys will be a delivery of melodic/crushing guitars, a pounding bottom end, hard hitting/thunderous drums with a sonic hook-filled, vocal assault which will make the Akadia guys a requested radio monster and a touring animal that you don’t want to miss. STAY TUNED!!!

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